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Making Vinyl Offenbach – Germany

I (Scott) headed off to Making Vinyl in Offenbach last Thursday for another great conference. It was a whirlwind of a day packed full of speakers, panels, and lots of friends from the record industry. There are always interesting topics at these events, such as “Don’t Make Assumptions About Gender & Vinyl” and “Meeting Consumer Demand When We Are At Our Capacity”. Lots of good InSite and all round pretty positive… then there was “Sorry, All With Vinyl Is Not Rosy”. While some points were good to know, this panel basically got me wondering why some of the people up there still even bother. I always like the passion for what we do and a PMA approach to things. That’s why I loved the new blood panel called “If you Build It, They Will Come”, Chris, Dominique, Albert, Sigve and Ondrej all have new plants in the making around the world and to see the raw passion for the whole thing makes what we do worth while. Unfortunately, this trip was cut short due to Lufthansa going on strike the next day so that evening I was back on the plane to Sweden. Already looking forward to the next Making Vinyl in Minneapolis June 7-8, 2023. Massive thank you to the crew who always make us feel welcome. Till next time!


Making Vinyl 2022 Nashville/Highlights

What an amazing time we had at Making Vinyl! Nashville is always one of those places you just want to keep coming back to, the host for the event was non other than our crew at The Vinyl Lab.

They have such an incredible place with a venue, bar, outside area with an upper deck that looks over the city and of course an AD12 on display that didn’t stop pressing records the entire conference.

We had the pleasure of not only speaking there but also hearing from so many different people in our industry. A highlight was the panels consisting of talks between groups of people in the industry.

Meeting Demand When The Industry Is At Capacity” was the kick off discussion with:

Mark Michaels CEO & Chairman of United Record Pressing.

Brandon Seavers CEO of Memphis Record Pressing

Piper Payne Partner/Operator at Physical Music Productions

Ben Blackwell Third Man Records.

Talks about the industry being at full capacity was a common conversation throughout the whole conference, hearing first hand from the people that run the plants was interesting and refreshing. A few key points were made on how to meet the demand and how to best prepare for it.

Piper made a point of addressing how important finding the right workers is and just because someone can change the oil in their car doesn’t necessarily mean they are the right person to work on the presses. It takes a certain character to really master the craft of record pressing and finding these people is hard work. Brandon described it as pushing someone off the side of a ship to see if they would sink or swim and that it is hard to know what sort of person to hire until they get them in there. Mark mentioned that unity was important in this time and that working with other pressing plants to share the load was a help. He was backed up by Ben that said there is enough work for everyone at this time.

The talk with the Operators was great.

Brie-Anne Andrews Third Man Pressing

Doc Holoweski Third Man Pressing

Michael Osborn Hand Drawn Pressing

Vince Slusarz Gotta Groove Records

There is something about everyone being in the same boat that really gives you a boost of hope. Anything that can go wrong in the pressing process will go wrong and will continue to do so forever no matter what press or gear you use. This was an insightful conversation that basically gave you the tools to “smile and laugh through the hard times”. Making records can be hard work but it’s an exciting time to be doing so.

There were so many highlights to this conference and if you get the chance to go to one of these events then we would totally recommend doing so. Great times, new friends, and records! Massive thank you to the crew at Making Vinyl for having us and The Vinyl Lab for being such an epic host.

The next event is In Offenbach (Frankfurt), Germany, on September 01, 2022.  Making Vinyl Return to Germany co-producing the Physical Media World conference with their first in-person event since Berlin 2019. Like the Nashville event these tickets will sell out so don’t sleep on this.

“As newcomers in the pressing industry, we were glad to have crossed the pond to join the Making Vinyl conference. The content of the panels, Q&A session and demos was very beneficial to us, and we felt we’ve learned a lot during those 2 days. We were also very grateful to meet other pressing businesses, suppliers, hosts and event organisers, who couldn’t have been more supportive and welcoming to us. The highlight for me was to see in action the Pheenix Alpha press, which we have ordered and are planning to receive in Q1 2023. The Vinylab crew were pleased with the presses and had very positive feedback on Pheenix’s technical support. We can’t get to receive ours and start pressing in Scotland!”

David Harvey – Seabass Vinyl (Scotland)

Dominique Harvey, Scott Lemasters, David Harvey


Making Vinyl 2022 Nashville

Making Vinyl, the first and only B2B conference to focus exclusively on the global rebirth of record manufacturing industry, has sold out tickets a month before its conference on June 23 & 24 at The Vinyl Lab.

On Friday the 24th Pheenix Alpha will be represented by Scott Lamb who will talk about the future of our company and what’s to come.

Scott is from New Zealand and has a background playing music in touring bands, Audio Engineering, TV, Radio and for the past four years he has been pressing records in Sweden. In August 2021 he joined us here at Pheenix Alpha. With knowledge and experience in vinyl production Scott offers a great insight into the AD12.

We are excited to be in Nashville for this awesome event and hope to see you there.

Making vinyl in Hollywood

Making vinyl in Hollywood

Big interest in the worlds first fully automatic picture disc press.
Pheenix Alpha introduced the brand new AD12 picture disc add-on machine and many customers asked for details.

12” restaurant

12” restaurant

A new 12” sound restaurant has opened in Malaga, Spain.


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